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ESEE Candiru neck knife: compact and vicious

The ESEE Candiru is an incredibly compact and razor-sharp survival knife. It is the perfect back-up knife for in your survival kit, but also as a neck knife the Candiru will prove its worth time and time again. This ESEE knife derived its name from the Candiru fish. A parasitic fish that lives in the Amazon jungle. It is small, bites into its target and continues until it is finished. Like the ESEE Candiru.

Compact, practical and sharp: the ESEE Candiru knife

The ESEE Candiru might have a short blade, it is incredibly practical. Because of its size it weighs next to nothing. In addition, you can easily take it with you wherever you might go. With only its sheath, without a clip, you can even store it in your jeans. It will not be larger than a large pocket knife, but a lot stronger because it can’t close. Like its larger brothers the Candiru is, in most cases, made from 1095 carbon steel. Nice and tough: it can definitely handle its own. You can also easily sharpen it in the field. Carbon steel is, of course, not entirely stainless which is where the coating comes in handy.