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Knife sharpening & maintenance

HORL: innovative knife sharpeners from the Black Forest

At the foot of the Black Forest you'll find HORL. The family business of father and son: Otmar and Timo Horl. Otmar's idea to create a rolling knife sharpener dates back to the nineties. Throughout the years he and his son Timo designed, updated and produced the knife sharpener.

Built in the Black Forest

At HORL they do everything themselves. From the selection of the wood to the final assembly of the sharpener. HORL selects the best wood and dries it in special ovens up to 7-8% humidity, to guarantee maximum quality. Because of the wood used and the manual labour each HORL product is unique. Of course produced with the highest precision and quality.

The rolling sharpener

The rolling sharpener is HORL's knife sharpener. This knife sharpener uses a fixed 15 degree angle and is therefore mostly suited to sharpen kitchen knives. The knife sharpener is a solid cylinder comprised of wood and steel. The massive wood part of the rolling sharpener moves separately from the steel part and the sharpening stones. You push the sharpener alongside the knife. As you push the sharpening stones rotate. The wooden part doesn't rotate which means you can easily hold the cylinder during the sharpening process. You can remove the sharpening stones from the rolling sharpener by loosening them counter clockwise.


The HORL knife sharpener: how it's made

Curious to learn more about how the HORL knife sharpeners are made? So were we! The nice people at HORL-1993 were kind enough to put an end to that curiosity. We were asked to come take a look at the production of the unique and popular HORL knife sharpeners.