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Kitchen Knives & Cutting

Fissler kitchen knives: indispensable in any kitchen


When looking for decent kitchen knives of German build, Fissler is something for you. Already since 1845, Fissler is to be found in many kitchens. Originally as one of the top brands in the area of German pans, now also as a manufacturer of Solingen-made kitchen knives. 

With more than a century of experience in innovation and production standards at the highest levels, Fissler plays a big part in the kitchen knife world as well.

High-quality materials and finishing

Fissler chooses the Solingen-popular X50CrMoV15-steel in their production. A very solid kind of stainless steel which is protected by an extra polishing phase. Characteristic of German kitchen knives is the often higher weight and larger handles. These characteristics can also be found with Fissler. Ideal for large hands but also good to handle for people with smaller hands.

Fissler Bionic

Fissler kitchen knives have become popular since the Bionic series. These knives are very special because they keep themselves sharp. A hard coating is applied to the blade that is even harder than the actual steel used. As a result, the steel wears faster than the coating, leaving a sharp cut at any time. The knife sharpens itself in a way.